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Entwickler Breakout Games
1 usd

Improve your poker skills with Pokertrainer's interactive exercises, practices and tutorials and have fun and compete for the monthly hi-score!There are poker trainer exercises for both beginners and very advanced players in this full poker trainer package.
Poker is hard to learn because it takes a long time for mistakes to become obvious through the results.With Pokertrainer the game is broken down into individual parts that you can practice and make sure you master one at a time.
Pokertrainer consist of Tutorials and practical Exercises to help you:
- Improve your Hand Reading skills- Practice Preflop skills- Learn Poker Hand Ranking- Quickly recognize the Best Hand- Understand and calculate Pot Odds- Understand and calculate Implied Odds- When to Play a Draw with Outs (cards that will help you improve to the best hand)- Understand the rules of Texas Hold'em
You can compete for hi-score and the monthly win or you can practice seeing the correct answer after each question.
Are you Noob or Legend?Find out now!